Standard Install

It is assumed that power and data are supplied by the client within 5m of the location of the display. This can be provided as an additional service

Standard Installation comprises of the following.

  • • Floor / Wall mount
  • • Freestanding Floor Mount

Hardware is mounted at the rear of the display, concealed from view.

Accessories for example the Faceplate Socket, Keypad or Touchscreen are each supplied with a 5 metre lead and are surface mounted. A table mount alternative is available for the touchscreen (power is required within 2 meters).

The Faceplate Socket includes an HDMI socket for Bronze & Silver packages plus a USB socket (For touch feedback) for Gold & Platinum packages.

All cables will be installed in surface trunking unless an alternative route or containment is arranged by the client in advance.

Existing dado trunking or other containment can be used if the appropriate back box fittings and accessories are issued by the client in advance.

The camera is mounted on a dedicated bracket above the display.

The Soundbar is mounted on a dedicated bracket below the display.

Cabinet Loudspeakers are surface mounted within 2 metres of the display.

Ceiling Loudspeakers are only available for use in a suspended grid ceiling.

Alternative arrangements for mounting of accessories and installation of longer cables is possible. For example, the Faceplate can be in installed a floorbox or table caddy, cables can be installed under raised flooring to any desired location. This is subject to a site survey and separate quotation for these works.