The Suite now hosts a Video Conferencing system enabling High Definition visual and audio communication with remote locations. An impressive 60” interactive video display is the focal point of this meeting room’s cutting edge communications system. Each office location is equipped with a high quality camera, microphone and loudspeakers so delegates of the meeting can clearly see and hear who they are speaking to resulting in seamless remote conferencing, saving time, money and avoiding misunderstandings.

As well as the usual desktop computer inputs this system benefits from the very latest Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology, a highly efficient and ever more popular means of Wi-Fi connection to almost any device running Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. BYOD enables multiple users to connect wirelessly and display their data on the conference screen simultaneously, the interactive facility of the display enables annotation of the on-screen images meaning users can write and draw notes on the displayed data, which can be saved and printed or emailed as required, providing a previously unheard of level of visual “collaboration”.

A further asset of the system is the ‘resident’ PC, operated by wireless mouse and keyboard, integrated into the conferencing equipment and connected to the local computer network, this makes it is very easy and convenient to open and view files from the in-house database/server without the need to connect any other equipment.

A touchscreen centric solution is provided for the conferencing suite from which the full audio visual system and other devices such a lighting and climate control can all be easily controlled. Sensory Audio Visual Systems designed an easy to understand user interface to achieve simple and hassle free operation for all users, meaning no head scratching and no wasted time.