The Plough’s cutting edge music system covers several separately zoned areas and utilises a remotely managed media player and music library, with music carefully selected by our experts to suit the needs of the venue. Staff merely have to switch the system on and the music library automatically plays and crucially, updates the music catalogue without any need for further selection or adjustment. Music drifts from in-ceiling loudspeakers positioned throughout the various zoned areas, with each zone having independent volume and source controls. Should the need arise the ambience can be subtly altered and easily controlled via our bespoke background music system (BGM) ensuring the atmosphere is always welcoming.

The system also gains from the flexibility to play music via CD/USB/SD should there be a need for something out of the ordinary and guests in the private dining areas enjoy an exclusive input should they wish to play music from their own source device such as an iPod.

Originally installed to benefit from the additional revenue available during sporting events the private dining room features a projector & screen which discretely disappear from view when unused to preserve the space and decor of the room. Additionally Freeview TV and a Blu-ray player are part of the comprehensive package which also provides inputs for visitors to plug in their own devices for presentations, business meetings or celebrations. And true to our mission of always keeping the operation of our system’s as simple as possible, it’s all controlled from an easy to understand and simple to use 8 button keypad. So no messing about.