Using video conference equipment to save travel costs?

Using video conference equipment to save travel costs?

Using video conference equipment can save businesses thousands of pounds in travel costs each year. 

This equipment can enable businesses to hold meetings between co-workers or with clients who are located anywhere in the world providing a cost effective alternative to physical business meetings.

In order to give clarity on what’s now available when it comes to technology for conferencing, here’s the lowdown:

Audio conferencing. When it comes to the most basic of virtual meeting styles, you have a choice between VoIP technology and a fundamental conference speaker phone. The former delivers greater quality of sound and can work with a wider range of computer systems. Your biggest concern should be that it’s high quality equipment that requires no maintenance.

Video conference equipment. This equipment is reliant upon television screens and cameras. Your equipment choice will depend upon how many people you will need to capture on camera, how long the conferences will run for, etc. This type of conferencing can allow for the sharing of data in addition to a face to face meeting. Often slide shows, files and other data can be shared easily thanks to the facilities that the web can now help with. Research shows that humans need to see the faces of other in order to build trust into a relationship, and this equipment allows for that to happen.

Whatever your preferred choice of conferencing is, it’s key to try to model a physical meeting. Any technical issues that you experience could spell trouble if you’re meeting with important clients.

Our solutions make it possible to connect several parties in countries anywhere in the world and provide the technical ability to share files and presentation materials simultaneously.

To learn more about which video conference equipment solution would suit your specific business needs, call us today for a no obligation chat. We can also provide you with a demonstration of what’s possible so that you know that your next meeting will be a success.

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