Home multi-room music system for the family?

Home multi-room music system for the family?

Many households use multi room music systems. 

Modern technology has come a long way and it’s now possible to enjoy a wide range of different music playing in different rooms or zones of your home.

Imagine it. No more family squabbles when teenagers are forced to listen to music that they cannot bear. You won’t have to be subjected to what they want to play; music from the latest pop icons or even music that you feel barely resembles any form of music at all!

Times have changed since the days of old record players and ghetto-blasters. State of the art technology is improving on a rapid basis and we’ve now got some excellent options available.

Multi-room music systems are great for parties

Emulate Glastonbury Festival by splitting your home into different music zones. Your guests can socialise whilst listening to the music that they love. You’ll have far happier guests and you won’t have to keep changing the track.

Alternatively you might want to set the output so that the same music is playing all over your home. Cleaning or DIY work will become far more enjoyable when you’ve got your favourite notes coming out of the speakers.

Sonos multi-room music system

One of the products that really stands head and shoulders above the rest is Sonos. They produce a wireless home music system that has been designed to deliver an excellent quality of sound with some really great features.

Each item is wireless, so that it can all run from a router. All your stored music is accessible from any wifi capable device and can be streamed through the system, in addition to internet based music systems such as iTunes or Spotify. Thousands of online radio stations are also at your disposal.

Multi room music systems really are the ultimate in family entertainment these days. Contact us for some excellent packages.

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