Enter the world of sensory rooms

Enter the world of sensory rooms

Senses are something that are core to our experience of the world as living beings. 

It’s been recognised that stimulating the senses of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and touching can make all the difference for those with special needs or learning difficulties. Here at Sensory Audio Visual we provide the service of building sensory rooms that will stimulate and spark curiosity in children, especially those with special needs.

Stimulate the senses

Just as we take care of our fundamental senses, we need to consider our more abstract senses. To cater to these senses, Dutch psychologists introduced the first sensory rooms back in the 1970s.

The goal of sensory rooms is to provide an environment where sensory events can take place to give a calming but stimulating experience. There are many different features that can added to sensory rooms, but ones with lights and sound can often be the most effective when it comes to delivering a stimulating but refreshing experience.

Light features can be put together that will travel through the colour spectrum to deliver positive effects on how children feel. Sensory rooms are used in educational, therapy, domestic and commercial environments.

With regards to use in therapy use, sensory features are excellent for children with special needs and it is observed that sensory rooms can stimulate the brain for improved learning capabilities. Features such as these can add a factor of fun, and therefore will provide an environment where facts can be more easily remembered by children.

In reference to how sensory rooms can be used in a commercial setting, sensory features can be installed in reception areas, side rooms or lobbies. They can deliver a good feeling to both employees and visitors such as clients, suppliers, customers and vendors. If kept in line with the office décor, it can deliver a contemporary and memorable soothing atmosphere.

The community can also benefit from these types of applications in hospitals, leisure centres, psychiatric units, museums and community centres. Décor and colour therapy in one hit.

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