Boost customer experience with background music

Boost customer experience with background music

When it comes to retail, it’s no secret that people spend longer in environments that they find appealing. 

Fashioning the physical environment for the most pleasing of customer experiences is something that all businesses need to try to do. One of the key elements of physical environments is sound and using the right background music can bring some winning results.

What is the result of listening to background music?

Surprisingly, research studies have found that both in restaurant and retail settings, the playing of background music gives the perception of shorter waiting times. This is also true in a gym as we are all able to put in extra effort when the beat is right! Music in any setting only adds to the ambience and can improve the mood of the listener, just as long as it’s the type of music that listeners like and it is played at the right volume.

Background music is also an area where marketing know how becomes crucial. In order to select the right type of music, you’ll need to know who your target market is and what they like. If you can play music that they really enjoy, then you can be sure that they’ll hang around longer to browse your products than if it’s something that they find distasteful and uncomfortable to listen to.

Background Music technology

It’s no surprise that it’s fairly easy to deliver background music to shoppers. The most challenging part comes when it’s time to play music that suits your target market. We offer a marketing music list building package that is put together by marketing experts. Each track will be chosen with your target market’s shopping happiness in mind.

In summary the right music, at the right volume level can keep shoppers in your retail store for longer.

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